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Wed, 23 May 2018 14:57:56 -0700
Catch Up Now: These Big Series All Have Books Coming Out Next Month

There's nothing like the pain of finishing a book with a cliffhanger…and needing to wait months (if not years) for the next book. Save yourself some misery and jump into a beloved series that has a new installment coming out in June!

To find these series, we rounded up the top June sequels your fellow Goodreads can't wait to read, which we measure by how many times a book has been added to Want to Read shelves. Below, we've featured the first book in each of these series—as well as the first line to give you a taste. Which ones pique your curiosity?

Genre: YA fantasy

First book: An Ember in the Ashes

First line: "My big brother reaches home in dark hours before dawn, when even ghosts take their rest."

A Reaper at the Gates, book #3 in the series, hits bookshelves on June 12.

Genre: Contemporary fiction

First book: The Devil Wears Prada

First line: "The light hadn't even officially turned green at the intersection of 17th and Broadway before an army of overconfident yellow cabs roared past the tiny deathtrap I was attempting to navigate around the city streets."

When Life Gives You Lululemons, book #3 in the series, hits bookshelves on June 5.

Genre: Thriller

First book: My Sister's Grave

First line: "Her tactical instructor at the police academy had liked taunting them during early morning drills."

A Steep Price, book #6 in the series, hits bookshelves on June 26.

Genre: Paranormal romance

First book: Silver Silence

First line: "Silver merchants believed in control."

Ocean Light, book #2 in the series, hits bookshelves on June 12.

Genre: YA historical fiction

First book: My Lady Jane

First line: "You may think you know the story."

Plain Jane, book #2 in the series, hits bookshelves on June 26.

Genre: Contemporary romance

First book: Moonlight Sins

First line: "Is it true? What they say about the women who come here?"

Moonlight Seduction, book #2 in the series, hits bookshelves on June 26.

Genre: Fantasy

First book: Blood Oath

First line: "What's on the menu tonight, Ryn?"

Black Crown, book #3 in the series, hits bookshelves on June 30.

What are you looking forward to reading? Let's talk books in the comments!

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Author Travels Deep into North Korea for New Thriller

posted by Hayley on May, 22

Mon, 21 May 2018 19:25:51 -0700
The 24 All-Time Favorite Book Club Picks on Goodreads

book club picks

A successful book club pick must accomplish many things. For starters, it has to be a great read that the busy people in your club will make time to devour. It must also prompt a compelling and passionate conversation. It's no wonder that picking your book club's next book can feel like so much pressure. But don't worry, we've done all of the research for you.

In fact, after we looked at the current most popular book club picks on the site, we got even more curious. We wanted to know which books are the all-time most popular book club picks on the Goodreads? We dug into our data to find this list of classics for your next meeting of bookworms, from the most popular pick, The Book Thief, to Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, there's a book here to please even the most demanding readers.

The Book Thief

The Hunger Games

All the Light We Cannot See

The Help

The Fault in Our Stars

The Night Circus

The Girl on the Train

Gone Girl

The Light Between Oceans

The Handmaid's Tale

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Ready Player One


The Martian

To Kill a Mockingbird

Me Before You


The Great Gatsby

A Man Called Ove


Orphan Train

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Have a great book club suggestion? Let us know in the comments!

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The Hottest Books of Summer

posted by Cybil on May, 23

Sat, 19 May 2018 14:11:43 -0700
7 Buzzy Books Hitting Shelves Today

Need another excuse to go to the bookstore this week? We've got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day.

To create our list, we focused on the top books Goodreads members can't wait to read, which we measure by how many times a book has been added to Want to Read shelves. All these highly anticipated titles are now available! Which ones catch your eye?

You should read this book if you like: Psychological suspense, The Shining, trying to catch diabolical killers, unsettling murder investigations, "foolproof" alibis

You should read this book if you like: Contemporary fiction, Washington, D.C. drama, strong female friendships, election seasons full of scandal, the pursuit of political happiness

You should read this book if you like: Essay collections, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, reflections on the magic and mystery of fatherhood, popular GQ articles

You should read this book if you like: Thrillers, intrigue and peril in North Korea, unlikely alliances, missing twin sisters, daring rescue missions with low odds of success

Check out our interview with John here.

You should read this book if you like: Fantasy, Cinderella retellings, stepmothers who aren't totally evil, the downsides of being beautiful, moving beyond "happily ever after"

You should read this book if you like: Nonfiction, the origins of the universe, The Great Courses' lecture Big History, a wild ride through 13.8 billion years of our planet's past

Read why Bill Gates is recommending this book here.

You should read this book if you like: Memoirs, hilarious and candid musings on life on the internet, viral YouTube videos, online activism, advice for dealing with trolls

What are you looking forward to reading? Let's talk books in the comments!

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Love "Fahrenheit 451"? Check Out These 8 Books

posted by Hayley on May, 21

Wed, 09 May 2018 12:38:14 -0700
Bill Gates Shares His Top Picks for Summer Reading

Bill Gates' book picks

Bill Gates is many things: tech pioneer, founder and chairman of Microsoft, philanthropist, author, and an avid reader. Now, to kick off a new season of reading, he's sharing his top picks for the summer as well as his tips for making more time to read.

Goodreads: Why are you such an advocate for reading?

Bill Gates: Reading books is one of my favorite ways to learn new things, and I think everyone can benefit from being a lifelong learner. Books also help take you out of your own point of view and bring you into someone else’s experiences. Reading is a great way to understand the world around you.

Goodreads: How do you make time to read?

Bill Gates: I try to read every day, even when I’m busy and traveling. One of my bad habits is staying up really late at night to keep reading if I’m in the middle of a great book and don’t want to put it down. I also take a big canvas tote bag full of books when I go on vacation, since those are the times of year when I can do the most reading—when I’m not in meetings and have some time to relax.

Goodreads: Tell us about your reading recommendations!

Bill Gates: I’ve read some terrific books lately. When I pulled together this list of five that you might enjoy this summer, I realized that several of my choices wrestle with big questions. What makes a genius tick? Why do bad things happen to good people? Where does humanity come from, and where are we headed?

Despite the heavy subject matter, all these books were fun to read, and most of them are pretty short. Even the longest (Leonardo) goes quickly. If you’re looking for something to read over the next few months, you can’t go wrong with…

Leonardo da Vinci

by Walter Isaacson

"I think Leonardo was one of the most fascinating people ever. Although today he’s best known as a painter, Leonardo had an absurdly wide range of interests, from human anatomy to the theater. Isaacson does the best job I’ve seen of pulling together the different strands of Leonardo’s life and explaining what made him so exceptional. A worthy follow-up to Isaacson’s great biographies of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs."

Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved

by Kate Bowler

"When Bowler, a professor at the Duke Divinity School, is diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, she sets out to understand why it happened. Is it a test of her character? The result is a heartbreaking, surprisingly funny memoir about faith and coming to grips with your own mortality."

Lincoln in the Bardo

by George Saunders

"I thought I knew everything I needed to know about Abraham Lincoln, but this novel made me rethink parts of his life. It blends historical facts from the Civil War with fantastical elements—it’s basically a long conversation among 166 ghosts, including Lincoln’s deceased son. I got new insight into the way Lincoln must have been crushed by the weight of both grief and responsibility. This is one of those fascinating, ambiguous books you’ll want to discuss with a friend when you’re done."

Origin Story: A Big History of Everything

by David Christian

"David created my favorite course of all time, Big History. It tells the story of the universe from the big bang to today’s complex societies, weaving together insights and evidence from various disciplines into a single narrative. If you haven’t taken Big History yet, Origin Story is a great introduction. If you have, it’s a great refresher. Either way, the book will leave you with a greater appreciation of humanity’s place in the universe."


by Hans Rosling

"I’ve been recommending this book since the day it came out. Hans, the brilliant global-health lecturer who died last year, gives you a breakthrough way of understanding basic truths about the world—how life is getting better, and where the world still needs to improve. And he weaves in unforgettable anecdotes from his life. It’s a fitting final word from a brilliant man and one of the best books I’ve ever read."

Be sure to follow Bill Gates on Goodreads for more of his book recommendations and reviews!

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Choosing Your Vacation Books: Our Readers Share Their Advice

posted by Cybil on May, 19

Wed, 09 May 2018 07:53:28 -0700
Beginner Book Club Picks From Our Readers

book club picks

Sponsored by Book Club, in theaters May 18!

Deciding what to read for your first book club meeting can feel daunting. Ultimately, a successful pick is one that inspires a lot of lively discussion. But if you’re a newbie feeling the "book club butterflies," or even a veteran looking to re-energize your group, we’ve got you covered.

We asked seasoned book club hosts on Twitter and Facebook for their picks and created a roundup of some of the most popular suggestions. Make sure to add your own recommendations in the comments. Don’t forget to add what catches your eye to your Want-to-Read shelf!

The Nightingale

Hidden Figures

The Secret Life of Bees

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Secret History

Big Little Lies

The Alice Network

Born a Crime

The Book Thief

The Shadow of the Wind

The Princess Bride

Devil in the White City

The Poisonwood Bible

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers Who Helped Win World War II


Station Eleven

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Help

19 Minutes


The Glass Castle

What "first reads" would you recommend for a new book club? Let us know in the comments!

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Author of 'The Pisces' Has Your Bookish Horoscope

posted by Marie on May, 09

Sun, 06 May 2018 16:30:24 -0700
Love "Fahrenheit 451"? Check Out These 8 Books

Fahrenheit 451

“It was a pleasure to burn.”

So goes the haunting first line of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Since its 1953 publication, this powerful and prescient classic remains a staple of the dystopian genre. To date, the novel has more than 1.2 million ratings from Goodreads members with an average rating of 3.9 stars.

Before HBO’s adaptation hits the small screen on May 19, we took a look at what other dystopian classics Fahrenheit 451 fans have read and loved. To make sure we’re serving up the best recommendations, we only included titles with at least a 3.9 star rating.

If you’d like to add another title to this list, make sure to share them with us in the comments! Don’t forget to add what catches your eye to your Want-to-Read shelf.

What books would you recommend for Fahrenheit 451 fans? Let us know in the comments.

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How to Start a Successful Book Club

Fan Favorite Audiobooks for Long-Distance Commutes

posted by Marie on May, 09

Wed, 02 May 2018 14:55:23 -0700
How to Start a Successful Book Club

book club picks

Sponsored by Book Club, in theaters May 18!

Want to start a book club, but don't know where to start? We turned to book club expert, Kristie McKenna, who moderates a collective membership of more than 34,000 members across three of some the most popular book clubs on Goodreads: The Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club, The Perks of Being a Book Addict, and You'll Love This One!! A Book Club & More. Here, McKenna shares her pro tips as well as some of her groups' most successful book picks.

Goodreads: How did you become a moderator?

Kristie McKenna: I started with The Perks of Being A Book Addict. Our club’s founder wanted to take a step back from moderating and she asked if there was anyone in the group that was willing to help. When no one else stepped up, I offered to assist her. I didn’t know much about moderating at the time; just wanted to help out a fellow book lover.

For both the Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club and You'll Love This One...!! A Book Club & More, I was an active member, and when the moderators were looking to add another moderator they contacted me to see if I would be willing to help out. In both cases, I was more than happy to join the teams. I haven’t looked back since!

Goodreads: What lessons have you learned since you began moderating?

KM: One thing I found is that everyone seems to want something different that they hope to get out of their book club. Some people want to be very chatty with other people and discuss books, others like to see what members have to say, but don’t want to contribute much to the conversation themselves, some enjoy being challenged, while others just enjoy tracking their reading.

It is important for members to find the right fit for a book club. Some book clubs have different expectations for participation or a different focus. Do you want to focus on challenges? Or buddy reads? Do you want a relaxed group? A chatty group? Every group is different. If you haven’t found the right group, keep looking. There is one out there for you!

Goodreads: What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a book club?

KM: I would suggest being flexible with what you offer in your book club. Sometimes, you may need to change something that you offer or the way it is done. You may have something that seems like a great idea in your head, but when you put it out there it doesn’t translate well. Other times, it may go over better than expected. Be prepared to change things up or offer something different for those times when it doesn’t work out the way you may have hoped.

Also, for general book clubs, plan to offer options for people that may be looking for something different. Sometimes, a theme, challenge, or buddy read can engage someone who might not be interested in discussing what the group is reading that month. Many of our best discussions have happened outside of our monthly group reads.

Most importantly, if you have something you are passionate about and can’t find a group that focuses on that passion, start one! You are probably not the only person interested in that passion. Don’t worry if only a few people join. The number of members does not equal the amount of participation and you will probably get to know people with interests similar to yours very well. Likewise, if you have something unique that you want to try in your group, go for it! That is what makes Goodreads groups so fun. Be creative and have fun with it!

Goodreads: What do you consider a “successful book club pick”?

KM: I tend to consider books that generate a bit of discussion as successful book club picks, especially if they bring in people that don’t typically join in the discussion. If a book makes people want to talk about it, beyond stating simply whether they enjoyed it or not, it is good for the book club. I most enjoy the discussions where members can’t wait to post their thoughts as they’re reading. I find this most often happens when people are very invested in a story, have differing opinions to others in the group, or can easily relate something in the story to current events.

So, a book such as Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng is a great group read because not only will some members love the story, while others may not, but members may fall on different sides of the issues. There is so much that people can to relate to and have opinions on in this book, such as adoption, infertility, race, social class, and family relationships.

Goodreads: What are some of your groups’ most successful book club picks?

KM: We’ve certainly had some interesting discussions in my book clubs. I think some of the more successful book club picks were The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz, Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett, The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison, and Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.

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NASA Scientist Recommends Stellar Space Reading

posted by Marie on May, 06

Mon, 07 May 2018 14:35:20 -0700
Author Travels Deep into North Korea for New Thriller

In the new thriller Star of the North, three people find themselves embroiled in the North Korean regime. Jenna is a young Korean/African American academic in Washington, D.C., whose twin sister vanished from a beach in South Korea 12 years ago. Colonel Cho is a privileged, high-ranking diplomat in Pyongyang whose life is thrown into turmoil when the secret police start unearthing his family's background. And Mrs. Moon is a 60-year-old peasant living on North Korea's remote northern border with China. When she chances upon an aid balloon that has landed in a forest, she sells its contraband at a local market. Soon she is a thriving entrepreneur—and becomes the voice for a simmering local dissent.

Soon, all three lives connect in unexpected ways. Author D.B. John talked to Goodreads about researching North Korea, the allure of dictators, and why his writing routine involves pacing, tea, and possibly a beer.

Goodreads: Tell us a bit about yourself, and why were you drawn to write this book?

D.B. John:

I grew up in an industrial area of South Wales in the 1970s, attending a pretty rough school. Luckily I had entire universes—created by Tolkien and C.S. Lewis—that I could defect into at any time. The experience of being bullied has always made me empathize with outsiders and misfits, and I'm drawn to writing about those types of characters.

Jenna, a Korean/African American, is both of these in the novel. She grew up managing multiple identities, and the trauma of her youth has disconnected her from the world. This otherness in people often gives them an inner strength they don't know they have, a quality I find attractive. My early experience has also given me a lifelong fascination with the way power is acquired and abused, so perhaps it's no coincidence that both novels I've written have featured dictators. After a brief career as a lawyer, I worked for many years at the publisher Dorling Kindersley in London, editing popular children's books on history and science. In 2009, I moved to Germany to write my first novel, Flight from Berlin.

Goodreads: What sparked the idea for Star of the North?

DBJ: I had long wanted to set a story in the world's last remaining totalitarian tyranny, but the event that started me writing occurred on December 19, 2011, when I witnessed the footage from Pyongyang of the mass public grieving that erupted just after the death of Kim Jong-il, the Dear Leader, was announced. People were crying and wailing and prostrating themselves on the snow. It was as if they were under a spell. There was something desperate about it, too, as if they knew that severe punishment awaited those who shed too few tears. This is a place, I thought, where the rules of human behavior are different.

Goodreads: You traveled to North Korea as part of your research for the book. What did you learn about this secretive country, and how did it inform your thriller?

DBJ: My visit to the North was in April 2012, by chance a momentous time for the country, as it was the centenary year of the birth of Kim Il-sung, the country's founder and self-styled Great Leader. I witnessed the regime's leader worship at its most excessive—daily military parades, mass oath-taking, and flower-laying. The entire nation was taking part. Even my small tour group was suborned into the cult of Kim, being asked to bow before his statue.

However, any hopes I'd had of interviewing ordinary North Koreans were disappointed. Only contrived, scripted encounters, under the gaze of minders, were permitted. But despite tight control over our tour, it was impossible for the regime to prevent us glimpsing the poverty and the shortages behind the facades. I was struck by how almost everyone we met, adults and children, seemed to wear a mask that never slipped. It reminded me of the expression of optimism it was advisable to wear when facing the telescreens in George Orwell's 1984.

In the old Soviet Union, there was always subversive graffiti or jokes about the leaders. There is nothing like that in North Korea. The regime's political control over all aspects of life, public and private, is almost total. It really made me want to know about the inner lives of North Koreans. Did they ever risk speaking their minds, or voicing doubts, even to those closest to them? What did they imagine the universe outside North Korea was really like?

Goodreads: You also interviewed North Korean defectors. What did you learn from them?

DBJ: I met several defectors in Seoul through a church that offers them support (many defectors embrace Christianity in the South), and through the Bliss and Bless Caf

Fri, 11 May 2018 10:21:24 -0700
NASA New Horizons Mission Leader Recommends Stellar Space Reading

Alan Stern is the coauthor of the new book Chasing New Horizons: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto, which gives an insider’s account of NASA's long journey to Pluto. He's the principal investigator of the New Horizons mission, leading NASA’s exploration of the Pluto system and the Kuiper Belt. A planetary scientist, space-program executive, aerospace consultant, and author, he has participated in more than two dozen scientific space missions. Who'd be better to recommend some great books about the final frontier? Be sure to add your favorites to your Want to Read shelf.

"This was Sagan’s first breakout book on the exploration of space, the worlds of our solar system, and extraterrestrial life; it’s beautifully written and is a classic must-read for every science nerd."

"This 1960s scifi novel was lightyears ahead of its time on alien contact and the future world of space exploration, spawning the equally ahead of its time film classic by the same name, produced by none other than Stanley Kubrick; another must-read book for any space geek or science nerd."

"Fallaci’s only delve into the world of space exploration is a young woman’s journey through the places and characters of the early space program. There is no other book like it."

"Far better than the film by the same name, this book is the definitive masterpiece on the heady days and unique personalities of steely eyed jet age test pilots, early rocket men, and the first astronauts, as well as the culture that surrounded their futuristic, on the edge profession."

This book is a reflective and sometimes funny look at the Apollo program and the first human lunar landing mission, Apollo 11, as told by one of the three crew members aboard the historic flight. Collins, better than any other Apollo astronaut, describes insider details about the program, its key people, and the Moon landing itself with page-turning prose about what it was like to be part of that epic adventure and career path.

posted by Cybil on May, 07

Your Summer Reading Preview

Summer Reading Preview 2018

Summer Reading is sponsored by The Great American Read on PBS.

It's the season to catch up on your reading, crack open some classics, or discover great new releases. Whether your idea of summer reading is thrilling, romantic, informative, or fantastical, we've got page-turning recommendations for you!

The Hottest Books of Summer
Hello, new favorites. Discover the biggest books in every genre.

Goodreads Employees Share Their Summer Reading
Get inspired by our bookish colleagues.

20 Books for Every Kind of Getaway
Escape with immersive reads.

2018's Highest-Rated Nonfiction (So Far)
Check out these four-star true stories.

Get Ready for the Ultimate Summer Reading Challenge
Take your reading to the next level this season.

How to Choose Your Vacation Books
Advice from our readers.

What will you be reading this season?

Let us know in the comments!

posted by Cybil on May, 11
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Гуриев Владимир Очень простое открытие. Как превращать возможности в проблемы
Очень простое открытие. Как превращать возможности в проблемы
Владимир Гуриев работал грузчиком, сторожем, программистом, журналистом, переводчиком, сценаристом и маркетологом прежде чем отчаяться окончательно и начать писать в Фейсбук. Многие полюбили его тексты за удивительную наблюдательность и редкое чувство юмора, присущие автору. В этой книге собраны заметки, опубликованные им в Фейсбуке за последние годы, и несколько старых текстов, которые выходили под псевдонимом 2k. "Владимир Гуриев – лучший мастер увлекательных рассказов про "все не то, чем кажется". Он умеет вглядеться в любой хорошо известный сюжет: хоть биографию Пушкина, хоть сказку про Аладдина, хоть историю народа майя – и увидеть в нем самую невероятную чертовщину. Изуверскую, но такую логичную, что ты об одном только думаешь: как же ты сам раньше не допер. А стоило бы. Иначе ведь и быть не может". Михаил Зыгарь, писатель Об авторе книги: Владимир Гуриев был главным редактором журнала "Компьютерра", переводил Нила Геймана, руководил маркетингом поиска Яндекса (и даже участвовал в создании Алисы, виртуального голосового помощника). В свободное время пишет колонки в Esquire и тексты в Фейсбук....

545 руб

Грегори Дэвид Робертс Шантарам. В 2 томах (комплект из 2 книг) Shantaram
Шантарам. В 2 томах (комплект из 2 книг)
Представляем читателю один из самых поразительных романов начала XXI века. Эта преломленная в художественной форме исповедь человека, который сумел выбраться из бездны и уцелеть, протаранила все списки бестселлеров и заслужила восторженные сравнения с произведениями лучших писателей Нового времени, от Мелвилла до Хемингуэя. Подобно автору, герой этого романа много лет скрывался от закона. Лишенный после развода с женой родительских прав, он пристрастился к наркотикам, совершил ряд ограблений и был приговорен австралийским судом к девятнадцати годам заключения. Бежав на второй год из тюрьмы строгого режима, он добрался до Бомбея, где был фальшивомонетчиком и контрабандистом, торговал оружием и участвовал в разборках индийской мафии, а также нашел свою настоящую любовь, чтобы вновь потерять ее, чтобы снова найти......

324 руб

Уэйд М. Царство Небесное
Царство Небесное
"Царство Небесное" - легендарное, впечатляющее произведение, не потерявшее своей значимости с 1996 года, когда Марк Уэйд и Алекс Росс познакомили мир с этим шедевром комикс-индустрии. Впервые на русском языке!

Супергерои вездесущи, но героизм встречается все реже…
Десятилетиями решая самые острые проблемы Земли, члены Лиги Справедливости в конце концов отошли в тень. Однако пришедшее им на смену новое поколение борцов с преступностью вселяет в людей больше ужаса, нежели уверенности в завтрашнем дне. И снова будущее планеты оказывается под угрозой. Тогда Супермен, Чудо-Женщина и Бэтмен должны снова взяться за дело, чтобы в последней битве отстоять истину и справедливость!

Настоящее издание включает выпуски 1 - 4 и более сотни страниц набросков, эскизов, и разнообразных рабочих материалов, отражающих процесс создания одного из культовых комиксов DC....

1214 руб

Ю Несбё Снеговик Snomannen
Поистине в первом снеге есть что-то колдовское. Он не только сводит любовников, заглушает звуки, удлиняет тени, скрывает следы. Годами в Норвегии в тот день, когда выпадает первый снег, бесследно исчезают замужние женщины.
На этот раз Харри Холе сталкивается с серийным убийцей на своей родной земле, и постепенно их противостояние приобретает личный характер. Преступник, которому газеты дали прозвище Снеговик, будто дразнит старшего инспектора, шаг за шагом подбираясь к его близким......

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Энтони Берджесс Заводной апельсин A clockwork orange
Заводной апельсин
"Заводной апельсин" - литературный парадокс XX столетия. Продолжая футуристические традиции и литературе, экспериментируя с языком, на котором говорит рубежное поколение malltshipalltshikov и kisok "надсатых", Энтони Бёрджесс создает роман, признанный классикой современной литературы.
Умный, жестокий, харизматичный антигерой Алекс, лидер уличной банды, проповедуя насилие как высокое искусство жизни, как род наслаждения, попадает в железные тиски новейшей государственной программы по перевоспитанию преступников и сам становится жертвой насилия. Можно ли спасти мир от зла, лишая человека воли совершать поступки и превращая его в "заводной апельсин". Этот вопрос сегодня актуален так же, как и вчера, и вопрос этот автор задает читателю....

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 Энциклопедия "Звёздные войны"
Энциклопедия "Звёздные войны"
• Мировой бестселлер! Уникальное коллекционное издание! Впервые в России!
• Полный путеводитель по вселенной «Звёздных войн»! Подробные статьи о каждом персонаже, месте действия, технологии, виде транспорта и ключевом событии великой саги!
• Книга охватывает шесть киноэпизодов от «Скрытой угрозы» до «Возвращения джедая», а также анимационные сериалы «Войны клонов» и «Повстанцы»! • Потрясающий подарок любителям фантастики! • Роскошно иллюстрированная и насыщенная невероятнейшими фактами Энциклопедия «Звёздные войны» никого не оставит равнодушным!...

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Виктор Пелевин iPhuck 10
iPhuck 10
Порфирий Петрович - литературно-полицейский алгоритм. Он расследует преступления и одновременно пишет об этом детективные романы, зарабатывая средства для Полицейского Управления.
Маруха Чо - искусствовед с большими деньгами и баба с яйцами по официальному гендеру. Ее специальность - так называемый “гипс”, искусство первой четверти XXI века. Ей нужен помощник для анализа рынка. Им становится взятый в аренду Порфирий.
"iPhuck 10" - самый дорогой любовный гаджет на рынке и одновременно самый знаменитый из 244 детективов Порфирия Петровича. Это настоящий шедевр алгоритмической полицейской прозы конца века - энциклопедический роман о будущем любви, искусства и всего остального.

#cybersex, #gadgets, #искусственныйИнтеллект, #современноеИскусство, #детектив, #genderStudies, #триллер, #кудаВсеКатится, #содержитНецензурнуюБрань, #makingMovies, #тыПолюбитьЗаставилаСебяЧтобыПлеснутьМнеВДушуЧернымЯдом, #resistance...

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А. Ширвиндт Проходные дворы биографии
Проходные дворы биографии
Новая книга Александра Ширвиндта - не размеренное и скучное повествование. По словам самого автора: "Это не литература и не скрупулезная биографическая справка. Это - чехарда воспоминаний". О самых непростых моментах жизни Ширвиндт рассказывает в знаменитой ироничной манере, безо всякого снисхождения к себе и другим. Итак, "Проходные дворы биографии". Маршрут простой: от самого начала, от родильного дома, до, слава богу, пока не самого конца"....

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Call Me By Your Name
Call Me By Your Name
During a restless summer on the Italian Riviera, a powerful romance blooms between seventeen-year-old Elio and his father's house guest, Oliver. Unrelenting currents of obsession and fear, fascination and desire threaten to overwhelm the lovers who at first feign indifference to the charge between them. What grows from the depths of their souls is a romance of scarcely six weeks' duration, and an experience that marks them for a lifetime. For what the two discover on the Riviera and during a sultry evening in Rome is the one thing they both already fear they may never truly find again: total intimacy....

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Джулиан Феллоуз Тени прошлого
Тени прошлого
Благодаря своему другу Дэмиан попадает в высший свет, где сразу же становится душой общества. Приглашения на балы, вечеринки, пикники и праздники в загородных имениях следуют одно за другим. Девушки готовы на все лишь бы привлечь внимание остроумного и красивого молодого человека. Почти сорок лет спустя смертельно больного, одинокого, но очень богатого Дэмиана гложет одна мысль: кому завещать свое состояние? Его бывший друг, а ныне заклятый враг соглашается найти женщину, письмо которой утверждало, что она родила ребенка от Дэмиана. Отправляясь на поиски, рассказчик сталкивается не только с прошлым Дэмиана, но и со своим собственным… Впервые на русском языке!...

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