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The Pioneers
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The Pioneers

The Pioneers or the Sources of the Susquehanna. George Routledge and sons, London. Издательский переплет, отличное состояние. As this work professes, in its title-page, to be a descriptive tale, they who will take the trouble to read it may be glad to know how much of its contents is literal fact, and how much is intended to represent a general picture. The author is very sensible that, had he confined himself to the latter, always the most effective, as it is the most valuable mode of conveying knowledge of this nature, he would have made a far better book. But in commencing to describe scenes, and perhaps he may add characters, that were so familiar to his own youth, there was a constant temptation to delineate that which he had known, rather than that which he might have imagined. This rigid adhesion to truth, an indispensable requisite in history and travels, destroys the charm of fiction; for all that is necessary to be conveyed to the mind by the latter had better...

Автор J. F. Cooper
Год выпуска 1917
Издатель George Routledge and sons, London
Цена 2015 г. 5985 руб.

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