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Hobby (Travelling)

Hobby (Travelling)

People on our planet can’t live without travel now. Tourism has become a highly developed business. There are express trains, cars and jet-air liners all of that provide you with comfort and security. What choose to make? It’s up to you to decide. There is a great varieties of choose available for you. If you travel for pleasure you would like by all means to enjoy picturesque places you are passing through, you would like seeing the places of interest, enjoying to sight seeing of the cities, towns and countries. You will have a good opportunity to enjoy wonderful monuments of cultural and historical places to learn a lot about the history of your country, about the world around us, to visit different countries, to meet people of different nationalities, to learn a lot about their traditions, costumes, culture. In other words you will broaden your mind. Nowadays people travel not only for pleasure but also on business to home and international business is developing. You have to go to other countries to take part in different negotiators, to sigh contacts, to participate in different exhibitions, in order to exhibit the goods of your firm or company. Travelling on business helps you to get more information about achievements of other companies, which will make your own business more successful. There are a lot of means of travelling by sea, by plane, by car, on foot: tastes differ. That is why it is up to you to decide which means of travelling you would prefer. No wonder one of the latest means of travelling is travelling by plane. It combines comfort and speed and you will reach the place of destination very quickly. Before bordering the plane you must register at the airport. You are required to have your baggage weighed. Each passenger is allowed 20 kilograms of baggage free of charge. But if your baggage is heavier you must pay an extra charge. Before the plane takes off the stewardess gives you all the information about the flight the speed and altitude. She asks you to fasten the felts and not to smoke. She will take care of you during the flight and will help you to get comfortable, in your seat. Inside the cabins the air is always fresh and warm. During the flight you can take a nap or a chat, you can, you can read and relax. In some plains you can watch video or listen to the music. When the plane is landing or taking off you have an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery, the magnificent views or pictures and landscapes. While travelling by plane you fly past varies, villages, cities and towns at the sight of which realize how majestic and tremendous is our planet. You enjoy the nature in the riches its splendor. No doubt travelling by air is the most convenient, comfortable and the quietest means of travelling. But there are some disadvantages. If you are airsick the flight may seam a real farther to you. Unfortunately sometimes the flights are delayed because of our unfavorable weather conditions, and one inconvenient more it is the jet-lag, a different between the time you are accustomed to attend the new time.

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