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How to spend summer holidays?

How to spend summer holidays?

Which is the best way to spend your summer holidays?

Well, I guess there exists a great number of different ways of spending summer holidays... But each person has his own preferences, so everyone likes the only way.

I think that there are two ways of spending your holidays - active and passive. The passive way means staying in the sun, for example, and enjoying doing nothing, and the active - quite opposite: going boating or hiking, trying yourself in different kinds of water sports...

I think I can describe myself as a home-sitting person - I’d usually prefer staying at home near the TV set in an armchair than going on a cruise, or hiking, or whatever. But, after I tried jet-ski and windsurfing this summer I have changed my point of view at the holidays. To enjoy the speed of jetski is much more exciting rather than to take a sunbath!

Well, maybe the conclusion would be is that since time passes a person may be bored of each time the same type of holidays, as it happend to me this summer. But holidays are great in all their metamorphoses!!

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